EGZAMIN GIMNAZJALNY 2017. JĘZYK ANGIELSKI - PODSTAWA - ten przedmiot zaplanowano na piątek. O godzinie 9 podstawa, o 11 rozszerzenie. Tutaj znajdziecie ODPOWIEDZI I ARKUSZ CKE do poziomu podstawowego. Sprawdźcie, jak Wam poszło!

Egzamin gimnazjalny 2017. Uczniowie o swoich obawach

Trzeciego dnia egzaminów gimnazjalnych 2017 zaplanowano języki obce. Do wyboru było kilka języków obcych, między innymi język angielski. O godzinie 9 uczniowie piszą podstawę, o godzinie 11 - rozszerzenie.

Specjalnie dla Was przygotowujemy arkusz CKE oraz odpowiedzi, jakich powinniście udzielić podczas egzaminu gimnazjalnego 2017 z języka angielskiego. Tutaj znajdziecie podstawę.



Odpowiedzi i arkusz CKE pojawią się tutaj w piątek po godzinie 12, kiedy tylko będziemy mogli je Wam pokazać. Z nami sprawdzicie, jak poszedł Wam egzamin gimnazjalny 2017 - język angielski na poziomie podstawowym.

Zadanie 1.

Tekst 1.
Girl: Mark, do you have anything to eat?
Boy: I think I’ve got a chocolate bar in my backpack. Do you want it?
Girl: Well, first I need to make sure there are no nuts in it.
Boy: Why?
Girl: I’m allergic to them. Let me have a look at that bar.
Boy: And?
Girl: It’s milk chocolate, without nuts. Can I have a piece then?
Boy: You can have it all. I’ve also got some sweets. Would you like some?
Girl: No, thanks.

Tekst 2.
Boy: Mum, it’s great you’ve washed my shorts. Thanks a lot. I need them today because I’m playing in a match. And have you seen my socks anywhere? I remember putting them next to my trainers yesterday.
Tekst 3.
Girl: Ouch, my whole body aches…
Boy: Why? Did you go to the gym with Tom yesterday?
Girl: I wanted to but he had a stomachache and he had to go to the doctor after classes. And then David called and offered to teach me to skate. I decided to try it, because he said it was easy. Well, it wasn’t. I fell on the ice a few times and every part of my body hurts. Now I won’t go to the gym for at least a week.
Tekst 4.
Woman: I’m so excited about this journey. I hope I won’t be sick like last time!
Man: Oh, you’ll be fine! The worst is over.
Woman: I hope so. Have you fastened your seat belt?
Man: Of course, right before the take-off. Hey, look through the window at the houses below. The view is fantastic from up here.
Woman: Yeah! We’re lucky there are no clouds.

Tekst 5.
Pete: Hi Alice. It’s Pete. Sorry I didn’t answer the phone. I’m so happy you asked me to go to the British Museum with you. I’ve read there will be a special exhibition with interactive games. I’m sure we’ll have fun. See you on Monday then.

Zadanie 1.

1.1. A
1.2 B
1.3 C
1.4 A
1.5 C

Zadanie 2.

Vicky: Toby, have you ever imagined winning money in a lottery, like lots of money?
Toby: Well, many times, actually.
Vicky: I talked about it with George and he says he’d go on a journey round the world.
Toby: Well, he loves adventure and he has often talked to me about moving to another country in the future. And you, Vicky? What would you do with the money?
Vicky: Recently I saw a film about children in Africa. Most of them have no pens or notebooks for school work. It would be great to buy new stuff and send it to them.
Toby: Oh Vicky, you always want to take care of others. You never think of yourself. Just like Martha.
Vicky: I know, we’re very similar. That’s why your sister and I are friends… I asked her the same question yesterday. Guess what she said. She would like to feed all the homeless cats and dogs in our town. Anyway, how about you? You must have some dreams. You could have your own football team, for example.
Toby: Yes, but where would they practise? There’s no stadium, swimming pool or even a professional gym in our town… I know, I’ll build a place where everybody can exercise. That’s what I’m going to do.
Vicky: Wait a minute Toby, you haven’t won any money yet…

Zadanie 2.

2.1 C
2.2 E
2.3 A
2.4 B

Zadanie 3.

Man: Good morning everybody. I can see you’re still a bit tired after the long walk around the city centre yesterday. I was really pleased to hear that you liked the museums and the Old Town. Today there’ll be no walking because we plan to take you to a safari park. Inside the park we’ll move around in a minibus. There are two routes around the park. The longer one takes about four and a half hours and the shorter route takes two hours. We are going on the longer tour. The driver of the minibus really knows a lot about the animals that you’ll see there. I hope you’ll enjoy the visit. We’ll go to the canteen now and then we’ll meet outside the building at 9.30. Don’t forget your cameras!

Zadanie 3.

3.1 Prawda
3.2 Fałsz
3.3 Fałsz

Zadanie 4.

Wypowiedź 1.
Woman: Can I borrow your bike?

Wypowiedź 2.
Woman: What are your plans for Friday afternoon?

Wypowiedź 3.
Woman: Have you seen my gloves anywhere?

Wypowiedź 4.
Woman: How long have you had this watch?

Zadanie 4.

4.1 B
4.2 C
4.3 E
4.4 D

Zadanie 5.

5.1 C
5.2 B
5.3 A

Zadanie 6.

6.1 A
6.2 B
6.3 C

Zadanie 7.

7.1 B
7.2 D
7.3 E
7.4 A

Zadanie 8.

8.1 B
8.2 A
8.3 C
8.4 A

Zadanie 9.

9.1 B
9.2 A
9.3 C
9.4 A

Zadanie 10.

10.1 F
10.2 D
10.3 C

Zadanie 11.

11.1 A
11.2 B
11.3 B



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