Próbna matura 2013: język angielski (podstawa) tekst do zadania 2

Transkrypcja nagrania tekstu do zadania 2 w teście diagnostycznym z języka angielskiego (poziom podstawowy)

Speaker 1
Hobbyists often find a hidden talent or passion they didn’t realize they had before. Some people, for example, started photography only to learn how to take a good photo: in the right time and in the right place. Later they found out they had always been artistic spirits and simply began to develop it. Others have done successful businesses out of their hobbies and made fortunes never before expecting to become their own bosses.

Speaker 2
Some hobbies make people spend a fortune. This in turn ruins their family budget and creates serious problems at home. If you truly want to enjoy your hobby without complications, don’t lose yourself in it. One of the best ways to spend less on an expensive hobby is to find somebody else who enjoys the same activity and get them involved. The more people join in, the cheaper the hobby is.

Speaker 3
Many hobbies are extremely time-consuming and they require a lot of attention. So make sure your hobby will not take away the time you need to spend with your children, husband or wife. To avoid this, you might as well ask your family members to come and watch you play sport or see your work on display. This way you will enjoy your hobby without ignoring your nearest and dearest.

Speaker 4
Some hobbies require space you might not necessarily have at home, especially when you have a large family. Before you start your hobby it is important to consider whether your house or flat is big enough for it. Think about room to work on your hobby. Even outdoor hobbies that need equipment such as hockey sticks, footballs, boots, bicycles or tents will require storage space when you’re not using them.

Speaker 5
A hobby is the easiest way to keep you in good mental shape after you’re fed up with your duties at work. It will also help you escape your domestic chores. Even if your hobby is very costly, don’t think about money - just feel the difference in your energy level and spirit. It will let you do more interesting things than hanging out on Facebook or watching TV and eating snacks.



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